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Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law
Ferrell Commons
Building 7G, Room 203
Phone: 407-823-3033
Fax: 407-823-0175

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Mission Statement

Milican Hall

The mission of the Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising is to provide guidance and support to students interested in pursuing careers in the health and legal professions. The Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law advising provides information about the field of law and a wide variety of health-related fields such as allopathic (M.D.), osteopathic (D.O.), and veterinary (D.V.M.) medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and public health. These careers require academic study in professional school settings beyond the baccalaureate degree, and assists “Pre-Professional” Students in any undergraduate major by offering academic advising, administrative support, and other activities related to preparing for and applying to professional schools.

The Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising serves as a focal point for communicating with Pre-Professional Students concerning:

  • Required courses for professional schools
  • Volunteer and shadowing opportunities
  • Internships
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Medical or law school tours or meetings
  • Seminars and related workshops
  • Tests and application materials
  • Important timelines and deadlines
  • Selection of possible professional schools

Our goal is to enhance the likelihood of success for all Pre-Professional Students who seek acceptance into a professional school.